יוני 4, 2013
WiseBox – Lead System
נובמבר 3, 2013


Y-Place specializes in marketing, advertising and management of residential and business real estate properties.
About the site:

Multi-lingual website featuring complex backend system with custom plug-in for WordPress. The website allows the admin user to upload a property once, and this property will automatically show in all three versions of the website in the correct layout and language. This feature saves the website owner a lot of time of multiple uploading and version adjustments.
The website also features an option to share a property in the social media.
The design of the website is luxurious and business like, and in line with the company’s mobile apps, logo and colors.

The extensive Backend system features:

WordPress customised plug-in that features a unique upload system;
Website control;
three language drivers;

The challenges:

The client requested to be able to upload a property only once and that it will display in all three versions of the website properly without the need to upload the same website multiple times in different language and layout.

The solutions:

To create a plugin to allow easy maintenance of this image rich website.



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